Myra Capri

Consultant, Myra Herring of Notre Internationale

Coach Myra Capri is a Well-being Leadership Coach.

A champion for women owning and embracing their power within, Coach Myra Capri helps ambitious female leaders to unlock their divine design, enabling them to lead more effectively through the holistic development of personal brand strategy, executive presence, and overall well-being.

By nurturing these essential facets, Coach Myra Capri guides them to embody authentic leadership, cultivate deeper connections, and achieve sustainable fulfillment with ease.

Coach Myra Capri’s mission is to empower women to break free from societal expectations, enabling them to fully explore the infinite opportunities of living a spiritually-centered life. She guides them in embracing the freedom to envision and create a life that is deeply fulfilling and aligned with their true essence.

Each woman carries within her a unique blend of talents, strengths, and passions, waiting to be unleashed. Through Coach Myra Capri’s holistic approach, women are empowered to embrace their innate brilliance, fostering a culture of growth, resilience, and self-discovery.

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