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Notre Internationale
The Self-Awareness Company
A Human Experience Management Consultancy
"In order to know others, you must first know yourself."
- Tia Buckham-White

Human Experience Management

Rather than focusing solely on outcomes, our HXM consultancy considers the behaviors eliciting specific results. We increase performance by recognizing differences in a way that connects human motivations, company culture, leadership decision-making, and awareness.


Research demonstrates successful teams and leaders possess high levels of self-awareness. We help individuals, teams, and organizations quickly recognize ineffective habits limiting personal growth and relationship management.


Authentic Diversity

Our adaptive approach complements virtually every diversity program model because we ground this crucial work in self-awareness and awareness of others.

The Woodruff Arts Center
Executive Team Training

Notre In Action

The work we do with our clients is inspiring and exciting! When the organizations we serve are open to looking at Self-Awareness as another way to approach their internal team dynamics and DEI, we know the Leadership is innovative in the way they will serve their clients and patrons alike.

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