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Research demonstrates that successful teams and leaders possess high levels of self-awareness. We focus on helping individuals, teams, and organizations increase their self-awareness by teaching them to quickly recognize unhealthy habits that inhibit personal growth and relationship management. As a Human Experience Management (HXM) consulting company, our approach considers WHAT is happening and WHY. Rather than focusing solely on outcomes, we examine the behaviors that elicit specific results. We increase performance by helping people recognize their differences in a way that connects human motivations, leadership behaviors, decision-making, consciousness, and awareness.

“In order to know others, you must first know yourself.”

Tia Buckham-White

Our team of talented consultants employs a proprietary coaching methodology that enables our clients to critically assess their responses to various situations, interactions, and exchanges. This unique approach provides clients insight into persistent and novel challenges related to leadership development, diversity, corporate culture and engagement, customer service, and change management. A complete understanding of their reactions allows our clients to identify, minimize, and eliminate the obstacles on their paths to personal and professional success.

Authentic Diversity

Notre appreciates the increased focus on diversity in today’s culture, and we applaud the efforts many have made to effect positive change. Our adaptive approach complements all diversity program models, from Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) to Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI), because we ground this crucial work in self-awareness.

The result is what we call JEBA – Justice, Equity, Belonging, and Accessibility. We’ve coined this term based on observations that belonging, the feeling experienced when inclusion is present, and accessibility, both physical and emotional connection, occur in environments rich in self-awareness.

The research is concrete and undeniable: diversity significantly impacts the bottom line, and organizations control whether that impact is positive or negative. We are thrilled to work with executive teams interested in developing self-awareness as an essential skill to support genuine diversity efforts and transform the employee and customer experience.

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