Heather McLeod

Research Operations

As Head of Research Operations for Notre Internationale, the Self-Awareness Company, Heather McLeod works alongside founder Tia Buckham-White, curating and delivering transformative client experiences. She leads TeamNotre, a curated ecosystem of internal and partnered professionals and consultants, in providing unique solutions to businesses of all sizes across various industries, including several Fortune 500 companies.

TeamNotre’s facilitated conversations and high-touch activities emphasize the power of self-understanding and the promise of self-aware relationships. Together with Notre Founder Tia Buckham-White, Heather consults with leaders and illuminates how self-awareness informs diversity, corporate culture and engagement, customer service, leadership development, and change management.

Innovatively leading results-driven initiatives for Notre’s clients, Heather applies her expertise of more than 22 years to maximize resources and secure strategic capital imperatives. Her skills in project management, strategic planning, professional corporate sales, and talent development enhance the impact and execution of Notre’s core mission. Heather’s most reputable work entails her ability to optimize TeamNotre operations by fully processing and coordinating research efforts, building and maintaining partnerships relations, and overseeing company-wide objectives.

Her personable approach and magnetic energy equip her to support, nurture and evolve Notre’s existing and future success as a top-performing competitor in the Human Experience Management (HXM) consulting space.

Heather plays a pivotal role in creating a genuinely connected client and partner experience by engaging TeamNotre and working collaboratively with clients and champions. She is a crucial contributor in helping clients journey toward self- and intercultural understanding through her work in operational leadership. Ultimately, Heather is committed to serving and assisting businesses to advance to their following the desired phase by building and fostering strategic business relationships and executing customer experience projects.

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