Lois Johnson

Lois Johnson, Chief of Staff at Notre Internationale
Chief of Staff

Serving as the Chief of Staff for Notre Internationale, the Self-Awareness Company, Lois Johnson supports Tia Buckham-White, Notre’s founder and TeamNotre, a curated ecosystem of internal and partnered professionals and consultants to improve processes continuously. Notre Internationale provides innovative Human Experience Management (HXM) solutions to businesses of all sizes across various industries, including several Fortune 500 companies.

She strategically and proactively solves business challenges by troubleshooting and establishing organizational order through project management, helping to create a cohesive company culture. Collaborating with the executive team and consultants, Lois plans and oversees Notre’s daily administrative operations performing a combination of staff management, financial, and communications activities. 

An experienced and resourceful talent acquisition specialist, Lois brings 20+ years in human resources recruiting, helping to build a meaningful and nurturing Notre workforce community. Equipped to support an assortment of industries, her versatile track record also includes time spent building top-notch teams in technology, healthcare, industrial, trucking, logistics, accounting, marketing, etc.

Lois’ passion for identifying outstanding talent reflects many decades spent recruiting, screening, tracking, and overseeing employment. Committed to cultivating a diverse workforce, Lois plays a crucial role in building relational hiring processes and culture-focused initiatives demonstrating Notre’s people-first diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) development solutions.

Her ability to optimize organizational procedures through her high-touch support and innovative thinking allows her to lay the framework for Notre’s staff to increase productivity and efficiency. She establishes new relationships with applicants seeking employment opportunities and leads hiring processes, ensuring that TeamNotre maintains proper compliance through onboarding, documentation, and other elements pertinent to human resources. 

Lois’s ultimate priority is to help position Notre’s internal culture to align with the vision and mission to further self-awareness and enrich communal experiences in the workplace and beyond. In doing so, she is a champion for lifelong learning and is dedicated to advancing internal systems and talent to produce top-performing external work. In addition, by engaging in regular professional development opportunities to stretch her capabilities, Lois actively seeks mechanisms to expand her understanding and evolve TeamNotre. 

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